Greely Loop

The Greely Loop

The Greely Community Association (GCA) has identified a need in the community to have a pathway or linkage system that unifies the different and seemingly isolated subdivisions within it. It will be a large network of already existing pathways and residential roads as well as future paths in two key areas slated for future development. In order to do this, the has put together a group of volunteers tasked with the development of this route.

The planned paths being built are for pedestrian and cycling only. No motorized vehicles are allowed. Barriers and signage will be used to deter violations. We ask people with pets to be responsible and pick up after your animals. This is not a city project and waste removal at this time is not provided. If you see someone violating the rules of the path, please let us know so we can investigate. Please note that the new pathways cover areas that have been used in the past by many kinds of vehicles and that there are many points of access to these lands. Our rules apply to the pathway itself.

This is a volunteer activity and we ask people for patience as this project is completed. All materials and labour have been donated by generous companies. The committee is using routes already established and in the areas with new paths, the locations are identified because future plans have roads running through there. We have spent considerable time planning to keep the integrity of the network consistent for the future.

In all things, if you have time to complain then you have time to help. We welcome feedback but be constructive - if you have a problem then suggest a reasonable solution.

You can email us at or connect with us at the GCA meetings. We look forward to hearing from you!